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Soap School

I have just returned from a 9 day intensive course on soap making at The Soap School in Huddersfield. I started making soap as a way to make our beautiful Jersey cow’s milk profitable. Lupin produces too much milk for our household to drink but we can’t sell or let people outside of the family drink it or eat the cheese I was making from her milk without having it regularly tested. This would have set us back £5,000 a year so unfortunately it was just too expensive. So, I had a cow that I loved and wanted to keep, but needed her to be useful on the farm. Some farmers buy in dairy bull calves and rear them on Jersey milk but this can bring disease in and wasn’t something John wanted to do. So then I thought about making traditional cold process soap with her milk. I watched a few YouTube videos, bought a book, gathered some simple equipment and materials and had a go. It worked! It was so nice and creamy. John, who has very sensitive skin, loved it. It cleans really well but is very moisturising. I was so used to using moisturisers and hand cream after a shower or washing my hands. I didn’t realise that the soap companies remove the glycerin (which is the main moisurising element) when they make soap and sell that separately as it’s more lucrative than selling soap. So really, the majority of shop-bought soap is a by-product of the glycerin trade!

I now have an Advanced Diploma in Soapmaking from the Soap School so I am well on my way to developing this side of the business. The images are from soaps I made as part of a group at the Soap School but I’m looking forward to making our own unique range and launching them this year.