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February 2020

The back end of 2019 was so busy we had no time to write BUT we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us.

Our soap and Shepherd’s Bags flew out the door in the run up to Christmas and one of our Rebanks  Herringbone tweed bags bag found it’s way to Lauren Laverne. Delighted that she has one!

We were invited by RBST to talk about our farming practice and farm diversification business at the Oxford Real Farming Conference. It was a brilliant event and we are already looking forward to going again next year. Our presentation was well received and we got some fabulous feed back, so much so that we will be hosting an event for the Landworkers Alliance in June called Onwards and Uplands aimed at young people wanting to start farming in the uplands.

This year a lot has been happening already.

There has been a repeat of the TV programme Walks of Life we were on last year. You can watch it here while it’s still available in iPlayer.

We were also on Radio 4’s On Your Farm programme, again you can watch it here.

On 27th Feb. we will be speaking at a Farmer’s Weekly event held at the Lakeland Farm Visitor Centre. The event is free so if you’re interested in farm diversification business ideas and advice, then do come along. Information here.

We have been making some changes to Parkamoor and Wrostler’s Barn. The prices haven’t changed yet so book now before they go up in the summer! Please note, Wrostler’s Barn will now only sleep 4 in two double bedrooms so no more mattresses on the floor. Work is due to be finished by the end of March. If you are a large group, the campsite is still available. Book here.

Our first calf of 2020 was born in the midst of Storm Ciara and so she’s been named Zephyra the Greek Goddess of the West Wind.