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February 2019

So my plan to write a regular blog has failed miserably so my now plan is to write when I can, even if it’s only a couple of times a year so anything more than that will feel like success.  Things are good on the farm. John bought me three lovely Teeswater gimmer lambs with beautiful fleece. We won’t shear them till Spring but I already have an order for one of them.

Another highlight of this month was the announcement that we are finalist in the Cumbria Family Business Awards. We are absolutely delighted as it’s been lots of hard work to get this far, so a bit of recognition made me really quite tearful! We will attend a dinner on the 8th of March where the winners will be announced.

On Monday we are off to Poland for a research trip with Grizedale Arts and The Tatrus Museum. We will be spending time in Zakopane meeting farmers and crafts people. We can’t wait! Below is a photo from the museum of a traditional cottage.

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