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August 2019

It’s raining today so I’m in the stdio, catching up on paperwork and thought it was time to write a quick blog post. We’ve had lots of lovely press and publicity recently. We were featured on the BBC programme Walks of Life about the The Soap Dairy. We had people dropping by the farm to buy soap or order online after the programme so we were delighted that we must have come across well!

We have been shortlisted in the North Best Rural Diversification Project category of the Rural Business Awards. The awards ceremony is in October and although it would be lovely to win, we’re still at the early stages of our business so we’re more than happy just to have been shortlisted.

Our rare breed Whitebred Shorthorn bull Jordan has been off to do some important work for the RBST. He’s had semen samples taken and stored to safeguard his genetics. You can read more about the National LivestockGene Bank here.

We have a featured story about our farm diversification in the August edition of Cumbria Life. It’s an great 4 page spread and great publicity for us.

August is a busy time of year. There are lots of agricultural shows on, John is selling livestock, grass is being cut for haylage and silage for the winter months and all four accommodations sites are busy. I’m preparing for the Christmas markets and wholesale orders so I’m busy making soap so I don’t run out!






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